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With over 25 years of designing and selling managed security services, The Telecom Broker will help you understand the world of cybersecurity solutions and explore how managed security services can keep your business protected around the clock.
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Managed Security Service Types

Threat Intelligence

Monitoring & analyzing threats to prevent cyber-attacks before they happen.

Vulnerability Management

Finding and patching vulnerabilities to minimize the risk of exploitation by hackers.

Incident Response

Rapid response to security incidents in order to minimize their impact.

Network Security

Protecting the network infrastructure from malware and unauthorized access.

Cloud Security

Safeguarding data stored in cloud environments against breaches or data loss.

Endpoint Security

Protecting individual devices like laptops and mobile phones from cyber threats.

What is Managed Security Service

Managed security service encompasses a range of offerings designed to protect your organization’s digital assets from cyber threats and naive employee interactions with bad actors. These services are best outsourced to third-party providers, many times this will be a telecommunications service provider who has deep knowledge in monitoring, managing, and enhancing your security posture.

By partnering with a telecom Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), you gain access to a team of experts dedicated to proactively identifying and mitigating security risks. By bundling your network access (internet / cloud / telecom) with the same provider, a business can enjoy seamless, lower cost benefits than other options. Less finger pointing, more uptime, no security breaches are the goal here.

From developing foundational company security posture and documentation to real-time threat detection, a quality managed security service provider should be familiar with incident response and industry compliance management. Many managed security service providers offer services with comprehensive protection tailored to your specific needs. With the constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, having skilled professionals on standby is essential for staying one step ahead of malicious actors.

Importantly, managed security service provides continuous monitoring of networks, endpoints and objects, applications, and data centers to ensure early detection of suspicious activity. This proactive approach can be the difference between swift remediation action and allowing threats to escalate into full-blown security incidents. Specialized MSSPs also offer employee training to help ensure employees have the tools needed to keep the company data assets safe from bad actors

Managed Security Advantages

Managed Security Service offers a turn-key range of benefits for businesses looking to enhance their cybersecurity posture. One advantage is the ability and experience that comes with partnering with a telecom broker who has deep industry connections to help select the best dedicated security provider. As your broker, we stay up to date on the latest threats and technologies, offering valuable insights to keep your organization secure.

We sit at the head of a virtual table of industry security professionals that assure the best, lowest cost options based on your company’s specific needs. Less hassle, increased benefit, no security breaches, that’s the goal here.

Another advantage of outsourcing is the cost-effectiveness of managed services compared to hiring in-house security staff. By outsourcing your security needs, you can access top-notch resources and tools without the hefty price tag of supporting an internal security specialist. Even larger enterprise customers can receive help from the wide array of security training and options offered from different providers that offer best in class protection.

Additionally, a managed security services provider allows for around-the-clock monitoring and response capabilities via a 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC). This constant vigilance helps detect and mitigate threats swiftly, eliminating the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks impacting your operations.

Moreover, by offloading security tasks to a managed security provider, your internal IT team can focus on strategic initiatives that drive business growth rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day security issues and employee training.

About The Telecom Broker

Our services are of no cost to you, the business owner – we are paid a small commission by the telecom and IT industry to aid you in defining your needs and settling on the most beneficial provider. No stress, no indecision. Our expert advice has been aiding businesses to use telecom and cloud / IT offerings since 1999.

Many times, our customers don’t know what they don’t know – We have access to multiple innovative technologies from dozens of providers, some of which might fit your need, yet you may not be familiar with.

In today’s highly digitalized world, having a telecom broker as a strategic partner in selecting a managed security service provider is a logical strategic decision and helps your company stay competitive in the market.